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The MODEL 42 is a robust, low cost, easy to use fast tester for lead acid batteries. It's fully automatic 40 second test sequence and rugged portable construction make it ideally suited for field service, goods inward, and workshop applications.
Intended to provide a supplement to annual discharge testing of standby batteries and as a rapid general tester, the unit checks both the state of charge of the battery and then its ability to provide an appropriate voltage under load in just 40 seconds.
Models are available covering 40Ah to 140Ah (other ranges to order). The operator only needs to set the battery size on the ampere hour scale and then depress the start push-button to begin the test sequence, the rest is automatic.
Dimension (cm) W x D x H
32 x 25 x 7
Weight (kg)
Taking only forty seconds to complete the test, means that regular testing is practical when previously it would not have been done. Larger battery systems may also be checked by testing each 12 volt 'block' or 'group of cells' separately.The test result is displayed on a coloured LED readout at the end of the test sequence.The unit is covered by a comprehensive 12 month warranty.
Designed for use by personnel with little or no battery testing experience, the MODEL 42 is very easy to operate:-
Set the size of battery being tested on the front panel 'Set Battery Capacity' control
Depress the START push-button.
The first phase of test takes 20 seconds and checks the state of charge of the battery resulting in a GREEN-battery charged, or RED-recharge indication. If charged, the second test phase commences automatically and displays the test result at the end of a further 20 seconds.

The display will read:-


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