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The MODEL 39 is a low cost; portable test instrument designed specifically to check the capacity of 12-volt batteries used on; electric wheel chairs, golf trolleys and other traction applications.
Its fully automatic test sequence makes it very easy to use, yet ensures accurate results even when used with GEL, MAINTENANCE FREE and SEALED batteries. The user friendly operating layout helps personnel with little or no battery knowledge to test a wide range of batteries quickly and accurately. The test sequence stops automatically at the end of each test, enabling a test to be started and left - the result being read from the LCD display upon return.
The accuracy of the test enables the operator to determine the exact capacity of a battery so that batteries returned as doubtful can be tested, and if found good, may be returned to use with confidence.
Dimension (cm) W x D x H
32 x 25 x 7
Weight (kg)

Extra circuits may also be included to help identify cell faults within the battery. This CELL FAIL DETECTOR monitors the battery during the test sequence and operates an audible alarm if a cell failure is detected.

(Order MODEL 39-CD to include this).

The tester is powered from the battery it is testing, so no mains leads are required and comes complete with an operating booklet and a full twelve month warranty. Self adhesive labels are provided to allow the operator to record on the battery the result of the test and helps to professionalise the testing operation. Battery range 10Ah - 110Ah.

The MODEL 39 CAPACITY CHECKER discharges the battery, using its internal resistor load and records on a LCD display the time taken to do this. The higher the capacity of the battery, the longer it will take to discharge and therefore the greater will be the readout on the display.

A front panel control is provided to allow the battery being tested, to be discharged to different levels to suit specific applications. The control is marked 'SET FINAL BATTERY VOLTAGE' and is scaled 9 to 12 volts. If an appropriate voltage to suit your application is know, this should be used, although 10.5 volts is suitable in most situations (9.0 volts for cell detect version).

The lower the voltage setting the greater will be the depth of discharge during the test. To assess the health of the battery, just compare the discharge time obtained at the end of the test with that expected from a good battery of the same capacity
(refer to chart for expected "good" time).

  • Connect the red and black croc clip leads to the battery to be tested (observing the polarity RED to POS, BLACK to NEG).
  • Set the FINAL BATTERY VOLTAGE control to an appropriate setting. (eg. 10.5V).
  • Depress the START push-button to begin the test (red TESTING LED flashes to show test is operating).

The test will stop automatically as the battery voltage reaches the setting on the final battery voltage control. The green TEST COMPLETE lamp will also be illuminated (at this point the LCD display will show the final DISCHARGE TIME IN MINUTES). This time may then be recorded on the self adhesive label (supplied with the MODEL 39) and attached to the battery as a permanent test record.


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